Work Examples

Jens Beatty Media has designed and built websites for all types of businesses. The following examples demonstrate how you can have a highly effective website or blog without breaking the bank. Whether you need a fully dynamic web solution built, designed and architected from the ground up… or you just need WordPress installed or a custom WordPress theme, Jens Beatty Media Productions can do it all. Fill out the free quote form on the right and ask us how we can make your dreams come true online!

Check out the following sites. Most of them were built in the past year. Thanks to the power of WordPress, we are able to turn out highly effective websites in a very short time and very low cost. We specialize in quick turnaround and high conversion as well as easy management of your website.

Our WordPress Themes… – This is the online demo for my WordPress theme “Leadtheme”. It was designed for quick and easy setup. It was also designed to generate leads for real estate but it can be used for any type of business. It not only looks good but it has some great backend features built right into the theme for managing advertisements and social network links. The theme is set up for great SEO capabilities. We have seen it hitting the top of google for quite a few search terms. – This is the online demo for the “Big Stripe” skin for Leadtheme. I added the ability to use different “skins” on the theme and this is the first new skin design. This demo is also loaded with the WordPress content preset I developed for real estate investors as well as a forms preset I created for generating real estate investor leads.

Our Own Family of Sites… – This is the site I made for distributing my WordPress theme, Leadtheme. Its design is a customized version of the WordPress theme itself… just like I have used the core of this WordPress theme to create many highly effective sites in a very short time. – A good percentage of our clients over the years have been private real estate investors. We have made so many real estate sites for so many types of real estate clients that we have become very knowledgeable about the needs of the real estate website owner. We created in order to answer a lot of the common questions that we get from real estate website clients. It has tons of great free resources. If you are looking to start a real estate website, make sure to take a look at It could save you tons of money. – Since we have built so many real estate sites for other people, we decided to build our own real estate listings site. This site is always changing and will eventually be a really great example of a real estate site. Right now it is just something that we work on from time to time and a place to try out new technology and web development techniques. – We have so many real estate sites of our own out there that we generate tons of leads that we can’t use. We built in order to generate capital from our left over leads. It was designed with a “Twtteresque” look and feel and uses WordPress and a couple of plugins to make it into an easy to manage site with paid members. – This was our original sales site for our REIcreator line of products. Since most of those products have been discontinued, this site is pretty much just an archive of old information. – We get quite a few inquires about designing custom Facebook pages so I decided to create It is a really easy to use Facebook fan page generator that allows you to generate a Facebook Page with a lead form and YouTube video by filling out a simple form. It works seamlessly with a number of CRM forms or it will email you the leads to your email address. It was also built on WordPress and uses a few plugins to create the paid members area. – This site is another WordPress site that was built to sell our WordPress theme that is for making squeeze pages. It is a very simple setup and is very effective for selling a downloadable product online.

Web Sites and Blogs for any Type of Business or Service. – This site is a WordPress site I built for a colleague. It is a great example of an affordable blog/resources site. – Another WordPress site for generating leads through a “Free Quote” form. – Another WordPress site for generating leads through a “Free Quote” form. - This is another WordPress site. It is a great example of a blog site with a lot of company information and a private members area. - This is a custom built site that takes online reservations for ski maintenance and related services. – Another WordPress site for generating leads through a “Free Quote” form. – This is a custom built site for a home design company. It has a large database of house plans with photos and a custom search and many other features. This site generates tons of traffic and is on the first page of search engines for many house building terms. It is a great example of a high performance website that wont break the bank. – Another custom WordPress site, created to generate sign-ups for fitness bootcamps. - Another WordPress site for generating leads through a “Free Quote” form. If you need SEO services, definitely contact these guys. Mention our name and you might get a discount! – Another great example of a very affordable WordPress site. It allows the owner to easily add and edit pages. It also has an incoming RSS feed that allows him to pipe in his articles from his other sites. – Another custom WordPress site, created to generate interest in the owner’s Yoga classes. – Another WordPress site. Designed to generate leads by giving away a “Free Report”.

All Types of Real Estate Lead Generating Sites. – This is one of our latest real estate sites. It inspired the new skin for our WordPress theme. This site is made to get home sellers to contact the site owner. It is very simple, clean and effective and did not cost a whole lot to get up and running. – Another custom theme for a WordPress real estate site. - Another custom theme for a WordPress real estate site. Chris Yates is one of our oldest clients. A lot of the technology we have developed over the years was first used by Chris and his staff. He has a great setup with all sorts of blogs and feeds and members sites and more. This site has some great features and is totally connected to his Infusion CRM. If you see a feature on one of Chris’s sites that you want to use on your site, just contact us and ask how we did it. – Another custom blog theme for WordPress for Chris Yates. Forms running Infusion CRM – A custom WordPress site that was the first to use our Squeeze Page theme. This site has some great features including a members area and some great social media connections with the matching facebook fan page. It is also set up to sell digital products and a great newsletter using Infusion CRM. – This is a custom built site that gives away real estate leads. The leads come in from various places and are distributed through a custom built members area. – This is a custom built site offering information about rent to own homes and rent to own real estate services. – This site is used to generate sign-ups on a wholesale real estate buyers list. It does great on the search engines and converts quite well. When users sign up they are added to the owner’s CRM system. – Another custom built site that sells real estate leads to private real estate investors. It has a custom built members area for distributing leads and is powered by a network or various lead sources. – Jens Beatty designed all kinds of marketing items as well as hundreds of real estate websites for this company’s system. This site was designed to sell their websites and services. – This is the owner of SuperSmartWebProfits’s personal copy of his own website product. The website and many marketing items, including the wrapped H2 Hummer was designed by Jens Beatty. - Another custom theme for a WordPress real estate site. - Another custom theme for a WordPress real estate site. This site was the first to use our multi author WordPress theme technology.