REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme Version 1.5 Released

REIhomesales Investor Theme “Big Stripe” Skin

Since the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme for real estate investors has been getting more and more popular, we decided to release a cool new update for the theme and the Content Pack.

The best part of this new update is the addition of a new “skin” for the theme. Now you can choose from two different designs! When you first install the theme, it will look like the original design, but if you want to look a little different, just change the “Theme Style” selector in the REIcreator menu in your WordPress admin. To view a demo of the new theme skin, go to and check it out!

The rest of the update to the theme itself is just a couple of bug fixes. We fixed the formatting on squeeze page headers so that the header image doesn’t stick way out on the right side. We also fixed some cForm button placement issues on the lender application page and the contact us page.

Content Pack 1.5 Update

Along with the update to the theme, we also updated the Content Pack. All of the content is the same as before. We simply added support for the multiple skins. The main billboard graphics on the home page and squeeze pages will now change depending on what skin you are using. If you intend on using the new skin, make sure to get the new content pack as well for the full graphic treatments.

Form Pack 1.5 Update

With the latest version of the cForms plug-in, they added the ability to back-up and restore ALL of the plug-in and form settings with one single file. In older versions of the plug-in and the Form Pack, you were required to manually set all of the plug-in settings and you had to import all of the forms one by one. Now you don’t have to worry about all those setting and the tedium of uploading all those forms separately. Now you simply import one single file and it sets all of your forms and settings up the way we recommend setting them up. It is super easy!

Header Pack 1.5 and Header Customization Service

Most of the questions we receive about the theme have to do with adding a custom header image. To make things a little easier, we have added a “Header Image Pack”, containing all of the image files you need in order to make your custom header graphic the correct way. The image pack includes a set of images for each skin. We include a sample image to demonstrate optimal logo sizing and placement, a version of the header with just the logo icon and no text so you can easily add a company name, and we also include a totally blank version that is just the background for you to place your logo on.

Since the creation of custom header images can still be a little tricky for some, we are now offering header image customization services starting at $15. If you want your header to look great and just can’t get it yourself, feel free to email us at and we will get you looking like a pro for next to nothing.

We hope you like the new update!