REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme Update for WordPress 3.0 Style support

With the release of WordPress 3.0 a few weeks ago, we figured it was time to fix a few bugs on the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme. We noticed more and more people have installed the theme since the WordPress 3.0 update and it was looking like the pages were a little messed up. Especially the squeeze pages and other form pages. If you just started using the theme, we highly reccomend that you install this update. A lot of what we fixed has to do with making the theme look better right out of the box.

If you have been using the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme for a while, or if you have an older version of WordPress, this update will fix a few style issues for you and make your pages a little nicer looking.

Download REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme v1.001

Release Info

Double “Home” link in header – Removed hard coded “Home” link from the the header navigation menu. Now it is less confusing to manage the header navigation.

Squeeze page styling bug fix – The “squeeze page” page template now shows up correctly when using WordPress 3.0.

“Send Now” button fix on lender application page – The “Send Now” button now shows up when using the REIhomesales form Pack – Lender Application Form

“Featured Video” container and header style bug – The “Featured Video” sidebar container and header are now hidden until you add a video. This makes it better when setting up a new site and you don’t have a video yet.

“Sidebar Ads” container style bug – The “Sidebar Ads” container is now hidden until you add an ad code in the REIcreator setting. This makes it better when setting up a new site and you don’t have any ads yet.

“Categories” sidebar container style bug – The “Categories” container in the sidebar is now styled correctly when you first set up the theme. This makes your site look better right out of the box.

Content paragraph text size – Adjusted the font size on the paragraphs in the main content areas. Now your posts will look nicer!