Multi Author Support and Category/Archive Page Enhancement for REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme

We have received many questions and requests relating to the addition of author bio pages and better multi-author support on the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme. In the version 1.002 update for the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme, we have added just that. Now you can have author profile pages that display bio information about the author as well as a list of excerpts from posts that that author has written.

We find that many of the sites that use the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme are very “blog centric” and can sometimes be a little hard to navigate. Since there are very few WordPress themes that have support built in for author pages and sites with multiple authors, we felt that this would be a very popular new feature. This feature will greatly enhance the site visitor’s experience by making it easier to navigate through the articles on the site that are written by a specific author. This will keep users engaged longer and keep them reading more and more pages per visit.

Along with the multi author feature update for the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme, we added some built in support for authors that have a Gravatar. We have tried some plug-ins for adding author photos to the author bio pages, and we found that simply using Gravatar was just easier. Plus, it automatically puts your face on all kinds of other sites that you might post on because it associates an image with your email address. All you need to do is get a Gravatar and use the same email address as the email associated with your WordPress user login and your Gravatar will automatically show up as your profile pic.

The second major feature that is new in the 1.002 release is a better way of displaying blog category and other archive pages. In past versions of the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme, these pages were simply set to only show the latest post in that category and the user would have to click “next” or “previous” to see more articles in that blog category.

The new layout on the category and archive pages now shows a list of excerpts from a number of the latest articles in that category. You can set the amount of articles to show per page in WordPress’s admin controls. This makes it easier for the user to find and read more articles in a specific category. By showing more articles on each category page, you allow users to have a better chance of seeing and reading more articles that they may be interested in.

We hope you like the new features. We have had many requests for this type of functionality. We will continue to enhance the theme in near future so make sure to sign up for the feed/newsletter to be notified of the new updates.

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