Major Update on! New WordPress Theme and Resources Available

REIhomesales Investor Theme

REIhomesales Investor Theme

A lot has been happening at A few weeks ago, we added a new section to to focus on using WordPress for real estate investing. We also updated the site’s look and began offering our free WordPress themes designed just for real estate investors. In the short time since the update, we have gotten a lot of great feedback and made many improvements to our WordPress themes for real estate investors. We also added a few new resources unlike anything we have seen out there. The best part… as usual, everything is FREE.

The most exciting new item that I want to mention is the new WordPress Investor Theme. The new theme takes the core functionality of our original HomeBuyer theme and combines it with a bunch of new features to make the ultimate WordPress Theme for real estate investors. This new theme allows you to generate any type of real estate investor leads. It can be easily customized to focus on home buyer, home seller, wholesale buyer, private money lender, or any other type of real estate leads… or you can use it to generate them all on one site!

Easily add iconic links to your social network site profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube and more with our new social network integration features.

Add Google Adsense ads, or any other ads, quickly and easily with our easy to use theme admin controls. You can also add Google Analyitics, YouTube videos or playlists, as well as easy to set up forms from our new REIhomesales WordPress Form Pack presets. It also now has the ability to generate squeeze pages super easily to allow you to capture any type of real estate leads or sell any product that you want to sell.

At REIcreator, we have built many websites for real estate investors, and this theme seriously has everything a real estate investor could need on their website. All built in, and all for free. To learn more about this fantastic website solution for real estate investing, you can visit and read all about it.

WordPress Installation & Hosting - Free Real Estate Investor WordPress Themes

Once you see the theme, you might think we are crazy for giving it away for free, but just wait until you see what else we are now offering on We are now giving away easy to install page content presets for WordPress that contain all of the basic page structure and content needed for any type of real estate investor website. Combined with our awesome FREE WordPress themes, the REIhomesales WordPress Content Pack for Real Estate Investors creates a fully functional, easy to edit real estate investor website with all the pages and content you need to get your site online in lightning speed. Once you have a WordPress site and our Investor Theme installed, simply import the Content Pack Page Preset file, and it will automatically fill in all the pages and content for you.

You might think that we couldn’t give away anything cooler… but we have even more to give. On top of the theme, and the full content pack, we are now offering pre-written form presets to use with the theme and the cForms II plugin. This allows you to add any type of lead generation form that a real estate investor site could need. The presets have everything including the forms themselves, pre-written auto responder messages, the ability to store form data in your WordPress database and they email you automatically every time someone fills out a form on your site.

With the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme, the WordPress Content Pack and Form Pack, you can put together any type of real estate site you want. You can set it up in different configurations to generate specific types of leads, or you can leave all the features turned on to create a full featured real estate website for you business.

On top of all these new products, we also added a nice new section to tell you all how to use and set up all of our new WordPress products. We go through the set up process step by step, telling you all you need to know to get your site set up in no time. We also added a new help form to for anyone to ask us anything about our themes, our content, our form presets, or anything else about using WordPress for real estate investor websites, or anything about real estate marketing. At REItrainer, we are serious about creating ground-breaking tools for real estate investors and we give almost everything away for free… for real.

If our new products and support don’t make it easy enough for you, don’t forget that we offer full WordPress setup and hosting solutions at very competitive prices. Ask us about how we can help you turn your site into a lead generating machine for next to nothing. Not only do we know how to make a truly effective website for any business, we specialize in creating websites for generating real estate leads. Don’t waste your time or money on generic web designers that don’t know the real estate business, or website systems built by real estate gurus that don’t know how to make websites… at we have everything you need, and all of our products are FREE.

WordPress Installation & Hosting - Free Real Estate Investor WordPress Themes