Investor Theme Demo

We just set up a new demo of the REIhomesales Investor WordPress theme with the content pack and forms pack installed.

Click Here to View the REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme Demo

This demo shows you what your site will look like when you first install the theme and content/forms pack. If you are thinking “I don’t need all those pages”, all you need to do is turn off the undesired pages in your WordPress admin. We include them all so you can choose what you want on your site and you can mix and match page combinations to create multiple site that focus on various topics. For instance, you can have one site that is just for wholesaling, and one for buying and selling houses. Or you could have one for buying, one for selling, one for wholesaling, and one for lending. Or you can just have one site that shows all of these things… the possiblities are endless.

You can also edit any content on any page. The content we provide is simply to get you up and running quickly. We reccomend re-writing all of the pages in your own words. Re-writing the pages will help your site rank better on search engines as well as provide your users with a more personalized message. You can also edit all forms and the questions they ask, as well as all of the auto confirmation email messages (You must have the cformsII plugin installed to use the forms).

We have designed many many sites for all types of real estate investors. With this theme and content pack, we tried to include everything any investor has asked us to include on their site. With a super easy setup and the ability to edit any of the content at any time, we feel that we have most of your needs covered…. and its all free. The things it doesnt’ have, we are probably already developing :) .

At REIhomesales and REItrainer, we are dedicated to your success. these powerful free products can seriously increase your business’s exposure. If you need any help or have any questions about using the theme or content pack. Please post a comment on this post in case anyone else has the same question.

we have some really awesome updates to the theme in develelpment right now, so make sure to subscribe to the news feed to get notified when we release the update.