Generate Leads Online with Leadtheme for WordPress

The “REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme” has officially been renamed and re-released as the all new “Leadtheme” for WordPress. Over the past few months, more and more people from outside the real estate investor world have started using the theme for all sorts of different businesses and generating all types of leads and signups. Since all of the main “real estate” features we actually in the content pack, we realized that the theme itself could really be used by anyone. Not to mention “Leadtheme” is so much easier to say!

There weren’t any real feature updates with this renaming, so if you are using version 1.5 of REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme, you don’t really need to upgrade. Essentially, REIhomesales Investor WordPress Theme 1.5 and Leadtheme 1.0 are exactly the same. Once we update Leadtheme to a version higher than 1.0, you will then want to upgrade to Leadtheme.

The new website for the theme is Since the WordPress theme resources section is getting bigger and bigger, we thought it was a good idea to move it all to its own site. Make sure to check out for all of the latest news and updates for our fantastic lead generating WordPress theme.

For those of you that are setting up a brand new WordPress site for generating leads, Leadtheme is still 100% free and is packed full of easy to use features. Leadtheme makes it super easy to manage a powerful lead generating website for any type of leads or sign-ups.

A few of Leadtheme’s main features….

  • Easily set up pre-made forms for capturing information from site visitors
  • Support for WordPress sites with multiple authors. You can run a huge blog site with Leadtheme.
  • Multiple “skins”. We include 2 designs you can choose from and will be creating more soon!
  • Prewritten content packages to get your site online quickly
  • Easily add links to your social media profiles
  • Easily add Google adsense (or any other banner ads)
  • Easily add Google analyitics (or any other tracking codes)
  • Easily add YouTube videos or playlists
  • Optimized for fantastic search engine results.

These are just some of the reasons to use Leadtheme for WordPress. It doesn’t get much easier or affordable to get a great looking, highly effective website online, and now Leadtheme can be used for any type of business for generating any type of lead or website sign-up. Turn your WordPress site into a lead generating machine… Download Leadtheme for WordPress today!