Free WordPress Themes for Real Estate Investing

REIhomesales Homebuyer Theme

REIhomesales Homebuyer Theme

In my last article about WordPress sites and how to use them for real estate investing, I explained some of the basic features in WordPress and some of its advantages. In the weeks after writing this article, I looked for some other information that would be helpful to pass along that was a little more in depth, and more relevant to real estate investing.

I came up with some pretty good advanced usage techniques to discuss in the future, but I had a hard time with deciding on the “next article in the series”. At first I thought I would make some lists of helpful resources that would make it easy for you to get a WordPress installed on your server and places to get some WordPress Themes.

After kicking around a few watered down ideas for this article, and searching for free themes and plug-ins that might be good for real estate, I decided rather than tell you where to get stuff to make your WordPress into a lead generating site for real estate… I would create the perfect WordPress theme for generating real estate leads and give it away for free. It took a few weeks, but with the help of the REIcreator web development team, I was able to create a WordPress theme unlike any other theme out there… the 100% FREE REIhomesales WordPress Themes Collection… Merry Christmas.

So what is so special about the REIhomesales WordPress themes?

First and foremost, the best thing about our WordPress themes for real estate investing is that they are totally free. If you already have a WordPress, just download them and install them, set your settings in WordPress’s admin on our special theme settings page in the appearance section, and you are ready to start receiving leads directly in your email inbox.

Second, I wanted to make the setup as simple as possible. I wanted the theme into a lead generating site with as few steps and the least WordPress knowledge needed as possible. Our themes require no installation of any special plug-ins in order to activate the lead generating possibilities of the theme. Simply install the theme and fill out the simple settings in your WordPress admin and you will be up and running. Just enter the email address you want your leads to get sent to and any time someone fills out the form on your site, their information is emailed right to you. Easy as pie with no plug-ins required.

Third, we wanted to allow you to easily add Google Adsense and other banners to your site. On our theme settings page in your WordPress, you can easily add your Google Adsense codes to your site without editing any html. Simply paste in your Adsense codes (or any other banner codes) into our easy to use settings form and hit save.

Next, we decided that we wanted to allow you to easily add things like Google Analytics and other scripts to your site without the need to edit the html. All you have to do is paste your Google Analytics code into the box on our settings form and your Google Analytics will be automatically installed onto your site on every page.

Since video is always cool, and everyone has a video on, we decided to make an easy to edit spot on the right side bar of the theme that will hold a YouTube video, playlist, or channel. Simply paste the embed code from into the box in the admin settings and you are able to edit your video, playlist, or channel from easily. Again, no editing of html is needed for this.

After all that was built, we wanted to make the things look cooler than any prebuilt lead generating sites that we have seen. Our team of professional web site designers and developers were able to make a really great blend of great looking graphics, ease of use, and SEO optimized html. Not only do our themes look great, but they will out perform many of the WordPress themes that are out there as far as search engine results and they will crush any pre-built real estate investor website system out there in conversion.

Of course, if you want a custom theme created just for you, can design and build any custom WordPress or Website that you can dream up. Since the core of our WordPress themes is so solid, we are able to make custom layouts and graphics in a very short time, enabling us to deliver spectacular looking, high performance sites for a very affordable price.

Basically, we wanted to eliminate the need for editing any html, and we wanted to not rely on any plug-ins. Of course you can install all the plug-ins you want, and I will be writing another article on all of my favorite plug-ins and how I use them… but our themes are ready to generate motivated home seller leads and other real estate leads right out of the box.

These first themes are just the beginning. We are already working on more graphics and layouts as well as enhancements and upgrades for future releases.

If you don’t have a web server or you have no idea how to get a server or get WordPress installed, we are also now officially offering WordPress installation and hosting on Check out our very affordable WordPress installation and hosting packages. We will get you setup in no time and get you online generating leads for next to nothing.

Check back soon for updates on the new REIhomesales WordPress Themes for Real Estate Investors by REIcreator.